Don’t Snap And Drive






Youth represent 1∕3 of all people in traffic accidents and the risk of death among young drivers is three-fold compared to the whole population. Not paying attention plays a role in a big part of all accidents and mobile usage is one of the main reasons for it.

Our client Neste is the biggest gas retailer in Finland which means their stations are everywhere on the roads thoughout the whole country. They wanted to raise the issue of traffic safety among young people in a way like never before, and generate discussion and lower the number of road traffic injuries.


Our target group is young drivers - aged between 15-24. We needed exactly the right channel and message to get their attention. Since Snapchat is used mostly on-the-go it is a growing risk in traffic. And it's most popular among young population, so it was the perfect match: 44 % of Finns aged 15-24 use the channel on a regular basis.

Using their idols' accounts we were able to speak to them in credible way and reach a large enough audience at the same time.


Three Finnish Snapchat superstars began their Snapchat stories like any other day. Each of their stories led them into the traffic, and stopped at once. Tens of thousands of followers were wondering what happened, until an hour later the Snapchatters were back... straight from a hospital bed.

The message spread quickly from Snapchat to other channels: major media covered the story and Twitter flooded with comments. But most of all, the inboxes of the Snapchat stars flooded, as their followers sent worried inquiries about what had happened -- and delighted and thankful messages, after the revelation that it was a campaign.

We reached 42 000 people on Snapchat only, which represents 7% of the whole target group in Finland, on a single day, in a single channel, with no paid media.

Number of 15-24 year olds' road traffic injuries saw a clear decline this summer:

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