Client: Fazer Confectionary


Fazer Remix was the first big mixed candy bag in the market, and all the 90s kids remember its launch. Thus they have a special connection to it. But Gen Z is a totally different group, with no such brand relationship.


The campaign objective was clear: to use the novelty launch to go live with the renewed brand. The KPIs were set particularly for the Gen Z demographic: to change their preference and increase usage.


The whole brand renewal was built around a core product benefit, one which is also a core value of the Gen Z: fluidity. For Remix, it means always reinventing itself – the candy brand is known for its thematic novelties. // Another shared value, on which the brand was re-positioned is sustainability. E.g. since 2019 we’ve reduced the amount of plastic on our bags drastically, amounting to an area of 10+ football fields. // Then we challenged a young designer to turn trash into fashion:


Remix is the new black – a liquorice candy launch that turned your trash into an haute couture drag extravaganza. // We collected empty bags from consumers at samplings, totaling at 316 bags – and 110 hours later Remix got remixed, into a dress to impress, made by Joona Rautiainen, a young designer known for his gender-fluid designs. To highlight our brand promise to always reinvent ourselves, Miss Divet – Finland’s very own RuPaul – wore it for our spot. We also created how-to-content for social to help people turn their Remix trash into hats, wallets, and the like. On the week that the TVC went live, the dress was worn at the local Oscars, by Nina Lahtinen, the host of the show. // After the red carpet it made its way to the no. 1 second hand store, Relove, where it was displayed at the window. Finally, it was auctioned off to charity, to help fight the environmental issues at the Baltic Sea. // We also created how-to-content for social to help people turn their Remix trash into hats, wallets, and the like.


And it worked wonders for the youth: 1) Ad awareness +84% (YoY among youth), 2) Preference +38% (YoY among youth), 3) Monthly usage +39% (YoY among youth) // And the sweetest thing? In a tough market, as the market leader, Remix’s sales rose 5% (YoY)
Ad awareness +84%
Monthly usage +39%
Sales +5%

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