Creative Campaigns and Contents

Social Media always requires its own creative plan and concept. We design and produce everything from big Brand Image Campaigns and Product Launches to Influencer and Employee Advocacy Programs.

* “Social First” Campaigns
* B2C Campaigns
* B2B Campaigns
* Product Launches
* Social Media Influencer Campaigns
* Consumer Activation Campaigns
* Native Campaigns

* Influencer and Expert Brand Building
* Employee Advocacy Programs

Strategies and Consulting

Effective use of Social Media in Marketing and Communication requires strong leadership, bright view, clear targets and substantial meters.

* Social Brand’s Strategy (According to Kurio’s Social Brand © model)
* Content Strategy
* Channel Strategy
* Brand’s Social potential (According to Kurio’s Sociability of Brand © model)
* Content Distribution Strategy

Community Management ja Monitoring

The biggest change that Social Media has enabled is the brand’s ability to be in constant dialogue with their customers.

Community Management, Content Design and Content Distribution are managed by team who knows everything about branding.

* Activating the community
* Social media’s support for the customer service
* Q&A
* Reactive content design and planning

* Everyday Monitoring
* Evening and Weekend Monitoring
* Hashtag Tracking

Social Media Advertising

We design, produce, buy and optimize award-winning and successful Social Media Advertising with significant turnover. At the moment, Social Media Marketing is the most cost-efficient and the fastest growing form of Digital Marketing.

* Paid Campaigns
* “Always on” Paid Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat)
* Boosting of Organic Content and Dark Posts
* Dynamic Social Media Advertising
* Retargeting
* Target Group Analysing and Packaging
* Result Reporting

Inbound Content Marketing

Inbound Content Marketing which combines sales and marketing, requires analysis and knowledge of the buying path of the customers. A clear inbound strategy with its goals, derived content concepts and their production, form a successful inbound partnership.

Contact tommi@kurio.fi + 358-40-1833256 and find out more about our results!

* Concept Strategy
* Channel- and Distribution Strategy

* Webinars
* Downloadable Content (White Papers, eBooks, Guides)
* Continuous Expert Contents
* Videos
* Podcasts

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