Kurious about social

We believe social has changed how marketing and communication work for good.

If an idea is not engaging it’s outdated. A truly interactive idea is different from a traditional creative idea. An interactive idea involves its viewer and invites her to be part of the story.

Social media should be fueled by real people and their real actions. Blunt and outspoken beats rehearsed. Relatable wins over flawless. The magic lies in capturing the authenticity in people and actions in social-first content.

Unlike traditional media, social works better for continuous content streams than for one-off campaigns. So you need to redefine what production value means for you. Social needs new content every week. Do more with less. Be ready to test and redirect on the go.

The relationship between media and production investments we’ve learnt applies no more. Traditionally at least 60% of the budget went to media. Social channels are significantly more cost effective and transparent in their ROI. 20% to media and 80% to great content is the new split. 

More and more investments flood to social while the media environment keeps changing every week. A firm strategy is the one thing keeping you from getting lost in all the options available. That means having a solid process flowing from strategic planning to creative concepts, and measuring ROMI for all your activities.

How we work

  • Social brand strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Buyer Persona Mapping
  • Research & Studies
  • Kurio AI
  • Global social media management
  • Creative campaigns
  • Always-on social media
  • Inbound content marketing
  • Social first media planning
  • Insight & Analytics
  • Paid social for marketing
  • Content distribution for comms
  • Social PR & Influencer


Why: If your brand needs a strategy to thrive in this social era our internationally acclaimed Social Brand framework © is for you.

Why: This process has been tested through and through. With 100% client satisfaction rate we recommend this strategy that combines solid strategy to an agile process of two workshops and delivers the creative concepts your social has been lacking.

Why: You need to target you audience on social but do not have their social media profels mapped out? Sound familiar? Based on our extensive data and experience in modelling both consumer and B2B audiences on social we have what you need.

Why: Interested in how to win big with social media: Have a look at our report: “World Class Lessons in Social Media Marketing”. Wonder how AI is used to support world class marketing & comms: here’s our report with 42 case studies inside.

Why: Want to harness AI as part of your marketing communications? Our AI unit provides ideation, case-studies, research and keynotes. And for tech and implementation we partner with the hottest AI start ups


Why: Do you have a global setup that needs streamlining and a firm process? We have best practices from various global setups so let’s talk.

Why: From full blown 360 Campaigns to agile social media campaigns we deliver from killer ideas to production to distribution. Have a look a our award Winning campaigns awarded for results and world class creativity.

Why: Want to make the most of your marketing or comms budget and stay relevant all year round? We have an established working model with stellar results for both consumer and B2B-brands.

Why: Our Content Marketing Gears © framework makes sure we deliver content that engages and converts niche professional audiences from construction to technology and from services to consulting.


Why: Having trouble framing the optimal target groups and setting the right KPIs for social? Our specialised team builds a targeting strategy based on extensive experience and industry benchmarks.

Why: In Kurio analytics and content go hand in hand meaning that all insights based on content performance are implemented right away by our creative team. One team, one process, maximum effect.

Why: If you’re looking for continuous optimization and the best possible content performance our transparent process is a fit. We deliver results from day one and keep optimizing until we hit targets and beyond

Why: Delivering results and tailoring our paid social process to fit the needs of communications function is one of our main strengths. We were named the best in the Industry by Taloustutkimus 2018 in content distribution and are the Digital Consultancy of the Year 2019 by Sabre.

Why: Influencer is not an idea but make no mistake they can work wonders in accelerating good ideas to the next level. From LinkedIn to Tiktok and from Instagram to Youtube we handpick the perfect influencer matches and execute the campaign from start to finish.

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