A record-breaking shortlist from DCA to Kurio and clients

Helen, Fazer and Wärtsilä Energy score a total of eight shortlists at DCA with campaigns by Kurio. The Berlin-based Digital Communication Awards is an awards show that recognises the best digital campaigns in Europe. The awards will be given in a virtual gala on September 29th.

The eight shortlists were given for three campaigns, in eight different categories:

  • 01. Innovation of the Year – Helen
  • 02. Boldest Campaign – Wärtsilä Energy
  • 07. Influencer Communications – Helen
  • 13. Launch – Fazer Confectionary
  • 14. Disruptive Communications – Helen
  • 15. Sustainability Communications – Wärtsilä Energy
  • 24. B2B Communications – Wärtsilä Energy
  • 35. Instagram – Helen

“We are super proud of the record-breaking number of finalists for Kurio. Especially getting shortlists in two of the three “grand prix” categories: Innovation of the Year and Boldest Campaign”, says Jari Lähdevuori, Creative Director & Partner, Kurio. “All of our finalists are great examples of how we like to do our work: built in tight collaboration with the client, aiming for a buzz-worthy phenomena – and always doing something that hasn’t been done before.”

The work will be judged by an expert jury formed by leading practitioners and academics. The finalists will present their campaigns to the jury in a live pitch at the beginning of September.

See the campaigns:

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