Client: Neste & Ponsse


A B2B social media campaign which salutes two iconic Finnish brands, Neste and Ponsse, on the verge of Finland celebrating its 100th anniversary.


Both brands have exported their expertise to the world with uncompromising work and a pinch of Finnish craziness and uniqueness. There is a need for a social media campaign that creates a phenomenon and creates concrete good.


Finlandia by Forest Machines - Ponsse forest machines serviced with Neste’s liquid lubricants will play the Finlandia Hymn. The video will be distributed to social media and every video view will increase the donation, the amount of fuel, that will be donated to the Central Organization of the Unemployed to support the employment of Finns.


An early morning in August at Hällämönharju in Vieremä, 5 forest machines, 3 professionals, over 300 video clips and over 1000 audio clips.


All goals were exceeded clearly. More than 5 million earned eye pairs, goal of 100 000 views achieved in 32 hours, 300 000 views in three days and among others, the former president of Estonia, the official Twitter account of Sweden, and the Hollywood veteran Ronn Moss, Ridge from “The Bold and the Beautiful”, shared the campaign.
Over 10 million earned eyes
300 000 views achieved in three days
20 000€ worth of fuel to support the employment in Finland

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