Kurio’s turnover grew to nearly 3 million euros in 2017. The main causes for the growth have been new customers and the rising of social media into a strategically important position.

“Many of the metrics could indicate that the year of 2017 brought us to the next level,” says Tommi Opas, the CEO of Kurio. “Social media has become the center of marketing businesses simply because it is so successful. Our clients’ ROMI modelings also show that social media is far superior to other media in investment-return-rate.”

“We produce creative marketing and communications but very strictly tied to the business objectives of our clients. Our clients appreciate the united strategic vision, level of creative design, results and micro-targeted distribution in social media channels,” Opas sums up. “One concrete indication of this was being one of the finalists in the Agency of the Year Awards, as well as the honorary award of the year’s Most Creative Agency. Equally evident indication of this is our new clients, such as the Nokia phones, YIT, Elisa, Stora Enso, and Fazer.”

“We will take new clients deliberately also in 2018,” Opas says. “We want to focus on serving our current, satisfied and loyal clients, without whom we wouldn’t exist.”

Kurio’s turnover doubled in 2017 to 2.9 million euros. The company is debt-free and operates with income financing.

Further information:
Tommi Opas
+358 40 1833256
tommi [at] kurio.fi

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