Kurio studies the Cannes Lions winners once again – analyses will be utilized in the development of the festival

Kurio, The Social Media Agency deepens its multiyear co-operation with the Cannes Lions organization. World Class Lessons on Social Media Marketing report will be released this summer for the seventh time and World Class Lessons on AI Marketing for the second time. In addition, Kurio consults the development of the festival itself in the light of the research results.

“Over six years we have been studying over 4,000 Cannes Lions winners. During the years of co-operation, we have been able to demonstrate significant development in the role of social media. The development is also reflected in the festival itself: the Cyber category has been replaced with Social & Influencer category,” says Tommi Opas, CEO of Kurio.

Kurio’s co-operation with Cannes Lions has included, inter alia, researches, leading of academies and chatbot designing. “Now we are honored to be involved in the development of the festival. The findings of our researches will be utilized in the planning of next year’s competition,” Opas explains.

“The week is expected to be filled with work with inspiring campaigns, like all the previous years,” Opas sums up.

For further information:
Tommi Opas
+358 40 1833256
tommi [at] kurio.fi

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