Kurio wins gold and gets two certificates of excellence at international SABRE Awards

Finlandia by Forest Machines campaign, which Kurio designed for Neste and Ponsse, was awarded on May 23rd in Amsterdam at the SABRE Awards EMEA Gala winning gold in the Energy and Natural Resources category. In addition, the campaign received two certificates of excellence in the In2 SABRE Gala from the categories of Best Earned Media with Influencers and Communities, and Best Meme/Viral Campaign. Finlandia by Forest Machines was the most awarded Finnish work of the day with its three recognitions. More than 2,500 works were admitted in the competition across Europe.

SABRE Awards is the world’s largest competition awarding works in the field of communications and PR. Each continent has its own regional SABRE competition. The director and founder of the competition, Paul Holmes, described the level of competition in the 2018 EMEA region unprecedentedly high. And for the first time, Europe admitted more works than North America. “Today’s recognised works represent as high of a quality as the Cannes Lions prize-winning campaigns”, he described in his opening speech.

Finlandia by Forest Machines is a tribute to Finnish work. The campaign has reached more than 10 million eye pairs and has contributed to the employment of the long-term unemployed. In the campaign’s latest phase that started late-spring, Neste is committed to helping 100 long-term unemployed back to work.

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