Kurio wins big at SABRE Awards EMEA 2024

Kurio’s client work received three golds and two honorary mentions at the SABRE Awards EMEA 2024, held in London on April 17th. The big winner – which was also named 3rd best in show, the “Platinum SABRE Awards” – was the campaign Finland’s Energy-Wisest School, which was done for Caverion, Microsoft and the City of Oulu.

The list of winning work by Kurio:

  • Winner in “Employer branding”: “Finland’s Energy-Wisest School” for Caverion (& co.)
  • Winner in “Geo: Nordics”: “Finland’s Energy-Wisest School” for Caverion (& co.)
  • Winner in “Gaming in Metaverse”: “Finland’s Energy-Wisest School” for Caverion (& co.)
  • Honorary mention in “Crowdsourcing and Co-Creation”: #Leapfrogging4Africa” for Wärtsilä Energy
  • Honorary mention in “AI/VR/AR”: “This Influencer Does Not Exist – But Can Go Viral” for Helen.

“Having been part of the jury this year, I know the competition was tougher than ever. As Paul Holmes, the founder of SABRE Awards, said at the awards show, many campaigns that would have won last year didn’t make the cut now. That makes this amazing awards haul even more special. Huge thanks to our amazing, bold clients – all of whom leaped into the great unknown with us, with great results to boot”, comments Jari Lähdevuori, Executive Creative Director, Kurio.

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