Kurio wins the award of Europe’s best B2B campaign

Finlandia by Forest Machines campaign, designed and created by Kurio won the B2B Communication category on Friday, September 28th at the European-wide Digital Communication Award Gala in Berlin. In addition, the campaign was shortlisted in the Viral Communication category.

The Finlandia by Forest Machines campaign for Neste and Ponsse won the B2B Communication category at the Digital Communication Awards. The campaign was launched for Finland’s Independence Day during the country’s 100th Anniversary and it aimed to support Finnish work in a way that has never been seen before. More than 2 million video views enabled 400,000 kilometers of traveling for the long-term unemployed. The campaign’s results were also reflected in its effectiveness – The ROMI modeling generated by Neste was used to measure the campaign’s profit, which was almost 800%. For the first time, Neste combined the measurement of marketing co-opetation, communication and social media with the modeling.

In the inaugural speech, the competition’s Head Judge, Doctor Ana Adi from Quadrica University of Applied Sciences raised two matters in this year’s competition: the high level and significance of measurable results. In the B2B category, Neste and Ponsse competed among others with Volvo, Philips and O2.

“It feels particularly good to be recognized in a competition where the results are at the center,” says Mika Hyötyläinen, the Marketing Leader of Neste’s Marketing & Services business unit. “We’ve been developing the ROMI modeling for different areas for four years now, in this campaign we also tested it for communication. Measuring marketing productivity is at the heart of everything we do, and in this campaign, it was at a record level. The best thing about the campaign, however, was that we were able to do good for Finnish work.”

“It’s great to take Finnish work to the world – and what would be a more Finnish way than the Finlandia played with forest machines?” comments Kurio’s CEO Tommi Opas. “We competed in a very talented group with cases that won awards at Cannes. This is a very great thing.”

For further information:
Tommi Opas
+358 40 1833256
tommi [at] kurio.fi




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