Three golds from DCA to Kurio and their clients

A record-breaking three of Kurio’s campaigns have been awarded with gold in the Berlin-based Digital Communication Awards which recognises the best digital campaigns in Europe.

The gold winners:

  • 13. Launch – Fazer Confectionary
  • 14. Disruptive Communications – Helen
  • 35. Instagram – Helen

In addition to the gold, there were five additional recognitions:

  • 01. Innovation of the Year – Helen (silver)
  • 02. Boldest Campaign – Wärtsilä Energy (bronze)
  • 07. Influencer Communications – Helen (silver)
  • 15. Sustainability Communications – Wärtsilä Energy (shortlist)
  • 24. B2B Communications – Wärtsilä Energy (bronze)

Case: This Influencer Does Not Exist

To show their commitment to sustainable energy production and the green transition, Helen, a leading energy company in Finland, put a strategic emphasis on energy education. Thus, they published a children’s book. Now the question was: how to make it spread? By turning the 2D illustrated character into a 3D avatar – by letting the 7-year old protagonist tell her story herself.

>> See the case study

Case: The Gnomified Launch

Tutti Frutti is one of the most beloved mixed candy brands in Finland. Their recipe was renewed recently to natural colors and flavors, candies becoming (mostly) vegan. At the same time, the brand promise was renewed to “Do the natural”. And in summer 2022, they were launching a new candy bag with ambitious targets: Tutti Frutti Garden Mix.

When communicating about candy, you need to put a smile on people’s face. And when putting a smile on gardening, you can’t escape the garden gnomes. But. When you need to be all about “Do the natural”, there is one problem. Garden gnomes are one big all white male panel.

>> See the case study

Case: #Leapfrogging4Africa

COP27 was organized in Egypt – we at Wärtsilä Energy used the momentum to position us as a leader in power system solutions both in Africa and globally. We tied our message to a term related to COP27 and energy transision: leapfrogging. Since the term didn’t exist in African languages, teaming up with local language practicioners we came up with a new word in 10 languages to spark a movement.

>> See the case study

The campaigns were judged by an expert jury formed by leading practitioners and academics. The Digital Communication Awards has been awarding the best digital campaigns from all over Europe for more than a decade. Kurio has been awarded with numerous awards since 2018.

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