Client: Fazer Tutti Frutti


The campaign was based on Fazer's extensive market and consumer research. The research recognized a new position in the market where no big players had gone. Drivers of consumption in the new position are hedonism and balance: eating sweets is a more conscious choice that reflects one's values. Tutti Frutti's recipe was redesigned to match the changed consumer needs: colors and flavors into 100% natural and most of the products vegan. We needed a brand strategy and a concept that appealed to our young target group.


We started from one clear insight. The young love their ”inside jokes” as much as candy. Like, the things that parents don’t really get – like at all. So wee tapped into the exponentially growing ASMR-video trend – a phenomenon, that reached it’s top in Finnish Google search results during our campaign. Message of the ASMR-campaign was naturalness: It’s only natural that some get tingles from whispering and others don’t. Just as natural as Tutti Frutti – made with natural colors and flavors. Youngs will recognize a familiar genre from Youtube and the less the older audience likes it, the better.


A 360-campaign - Three TV-spots, three tactical follow ups (TV, VOD, YouTube, SoMe), several activating SoMe videos, a collaboration video with Finland's most followed ASMR YouTuber - Sita Salminen, a radio spot - and Finland's first ever movie night in cinema where people were allowed to crackle candy wrappings. All done in ASMR style.


The Totally Natural campaign raised the sales and brandmetrics to record breaking numbers. Volumes in sales increased 12% - clearly over all our goals that were already the biggest in Tutti Frutti’s history. Tutti Frutti’s market share increased 25%. On top of sales profit the campaign raised brandmetrics to record numbers among young audience. Brand preference was the highest since 2016 as well as brand consideration. Finally, winning two silver Effies left little doubt about the campaign’s profitability. Tutti Frutti was awarded in two categories: “business challenge” and “products and services”.
Highest Brand preference and brand consideration since 2016
Market share increased 25%
Volumes in sales increased 12%

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