Client: Wärtsilä Energy


At the turn of 2022, consumers’ electricity bills have gone up drastically around the world – due to consumers electricity bills being very volatile and dependent to gas and coal prices. In the short term, the only way to get your price down is to consume less or extract more from the ground (which is not a sustainable option). Everyone was looking for answers – yet there seemed to be only questions available in the media. // Our goal was to tap into a timely hot discussion in media (especially in Europe) about how electricity prices are skyrocketing. Our engineers’ data analysis reveals how countries and regions could ensure they avert the next energy crisis. We had a solution. All we needed was the attention.


Time was of the essence since the energy topic was all over the news. Acting fast, we hijacked a buzz-worthy phenomenon just three weeks away.


#TheLastEarthHour – Switching Off Lights Won’t Work In The Dark // The rising electricity bills in Europe are forcing people into the dark. If we continue on this path, turning off the lights will not be a statement for one hour. It will be the norm. For hours on end. When will we reach #TheLastEarthHour? // That was the question we posed to get the attention. We did it with a 360 social campaign and via PR outreach.


All led to a landing page with a whitepaper by our analysts. It revealed that Europe can: - Cut power sector’s gas consumption in half - Collectively reduce costs by €323bn - Increase energy independence // We used infographic videos to show these numbers on buildings: windows were doing dark one after the other to reveal a number on the wall, made from remaining windows with lights on. We did bespoke videos of cityscapes of the countries we targeted. // We did video testimonials of citizens all over Europe, showing how their energy bills had drastically risen. // We had our own staff spreading the word on social with a profile picture campaign, too. // We even did TikTok for the first time (which led to some of the best results).


Even though we went from brief to launch in less than a month, we broke all the records. // Media hits: 100+ (hitting almost all top-tier media) // Reach: 1.38 BN (leading to meetings with decision-makers) // Website visit ave: 07:17 (meaning we really got their attention) // Engagement rate: 3,92% (twice the industry standard) // Earned media value: 2,5MM EUR
Reach: 1.38 bn
Website visit ave: 07:17
Earned media value: 2,5MM EUR

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