10% of Cannes Lions winners utilized AI – DOWNLOAD THE 2018 REPORT

The recent research by Kurio and Cannes Lions focuses on the use of artificial intelligence in world’s most acclaimed marketing. We analyzed 743 winning campaigns of Cannes Lions 2018 — 10% of them used artificial intelligence. And AI is no more a mere method of execution, but has moved towards the core of campaign ideas in many cases.

“The shift towards utilizing AI on the idea level shows that marketers and agencies are getting a better grip of what AI is really about”, says Tommi Opas, the CEO of Kurio and a PhD in artificial intelligence. “The fact that 1 in 10 of the Cannes Lions winners used AI shows that it isn’t a small phenomenon no more. When we presented the findings to Cannes Lions’ awards team, they almost fell off their chairs.”

In addition to the analysis, the report includes 41 case studies of the winning campaigns for you to dive in and get inspired by.

>> Download the report from here.

To learn more about the research, please contact:
Tommi Opas
CEO & Partner
tommi [at] kurio.fi
+358 40 1833256

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