EEA and ICCO for Kurio: 13 shortlists including 2 Agency of the Year

EEA and ICCO for Kurio: 13 shortlists including 2 Agency of the Year

Two more record-breaking shortlist hauls for Kurio in 2023. Seven from European Excellence Awards and six from ICCO Global Awards. Kurio has been listed as the Agency of the Year finalist in both.

“We’re all about helping our clients solve their problems in innovative ways. Sometimes the awards shows are a good measure of how well we are actually doing it. This year, having broken our own shortlist records three times now, it seems we’re on the right path. And having Kurio nominated The Agency Of The Year in both EEA and ICCO, is the best measure of all. The warmest thanks to everyone who has been part of this ride, to both our internal and external family”, comments Tommi Opas, CEO, Kurio.

European Excellence Awards are held on the 8th December in Berlin. Over the years, Kurio has received eight golds from the EEA. This year, the Kurio received more finalist spots than ever:

  • Agency of the Year (Small and Mid-Sized) – Kurio
  • Innovation of the Year – Helen & Kurio
  • Energy – Wärtsilä Energy & Kurio
  • Influencer Communications – Helen & Kurio
  • Disruptive Communications – Helen & Kurio
  • B2B Communications – Wärtsilä Energy & Kurio
  • Social Media – Helen & Kurio

“The Agency of The Year shortlists show how we’ve managed to do the right things on many aspects. You can’t get there if you don’t have both the client-side stuff and the in-house stuff in shape. This year we’ve had superb results from both the NPS and our employee surveys. There’s much more journeying to do, but the direction is clear”, adds Saara Silván-Appel, COO, Kurio

ICCO Global Awards will be organized in London on the 29th November. Kurio had the honor of being the agency with the most nominations on the shortlist this year. For four consecutive years, Kurio has been awarded at ICCO Global Awards.

  • Agency of the Year (Small/Medium (Europe, Americas, Africa and Asia)) – Kurio
  • Best Digital and New Media – Helen & Kurio
  • Best Influencer Marketing Campaign – Helen & Kurio
  • Best Use of AI – Helen & Kurio
  • Best B2B Campaign – Wärtsilä Energy & Kurio
  • Best Environmental & Sustainability Campaign – Wärtsilä Energy & Kurio

“Judges have been impressed with the variety of work and imaginative approaches taken to a range of communication challenges that span vastly different cultures and countries. This is indeed one of the most international and diverse PR awards programmes. What all the winners share is measurable, successful outcomes that delivered tangible results. I thoroughly enjoyed judging this year and was thrilled to see the creativity in the industry in such great health”, comments the jury chair of the ICCO Global Awards, Manuel Hüttl, Partner and CEO Germant, Milk & Honey.

The shortlisted work by Kurio

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