Thinking before sharing? The “Share Good Energy” button makes you reconsider your social media behavior

Thinking before sharing? The “Share Good Energy” button makes you reconsider your social media behavior

Helen is changing the “Share” buttons on the internet to “Share Good Energy” buttons. The browser plugin which does the trick is part of the “Spreading Good Energy” campaign by Helen, one of the leading energy companies in Finland. As the name suggests, the campaign focuses on sharing positive energy from person to person.

When talking about good energy, social media is a good place to start. 85% of Finns believe that there should be more content on social media that gives them good energy, according to a study conducted by Helen and Norstat. However, only 34% always consider whether the content they share on social media will bring positive or negative energy to the recipient.

The browser plugin created by Helen makes you think about the impact of social media sharing on recipients, transforming the share buttons into “Share Good Energy” buttons. (“Jaa hyvää energiaa” button in Finnish.)

“Good energy is at the core of our work at Helen. We strongly believe that energy should be circular, evenly distributed, and sustainable – and we won’t achieve this unless we all act together,” says Tanja Kaasinen, Helen’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Throughout the autumn, we are advocating for the sharing of good energy. Since sharing is a significant part of social media, and social media is a significant part of our media consumption, it felt only natural to incorporate our campaign message into the Share button.”

Helen aims to dispel the fear and anxiety that young people experience towards the energy transition by sharing positive energy – combining information with a good feeling generates that positive energy. The purpose of Helen’s five-month-long campaign is to both disseminate information about the future of energy and inspire future energy advocates.

“Sharing good energy is just one click away for each of us,” summarizes Tanja Kaasinen.

The campaign’s theme is timely. 79% of Finns believe that good energy is needed more in Finland now than before. 92% believe that good energy is not distributed evenly among Finns.

“The campaign’s message strikes a chord with the times, whether you look at it through research, or just the general atmosphere. Every time someone pauses to think about their social media sharing is a win – not only for the campaign but for all of us,” comments Jari Lähdevuori, the Creative Director at Kurio, the agency that planned and executed the “Share Good Energy” button.

The study regarding Finns’ engagement with sharing positive energy was conducted by Norstat in July 2023. The online survey included 504 respondents, evenly representing diffrerent demographic groups throughout Finland.

The plugin is currently available for the Chrome browser, in Finnish. During the beta phase, it operates on the most frequently visited websites in Finland. Users also have the option to add new pages to their wish list.

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