Kurio listed among the World’s Leading Independent Agencies

Kurio listed among the World’s Leading Independent Agencies

Campaign Magazine and thenetworkone have named Kurio among The World’s Leading Independent Agencies. “This is a recognition of a systematic and successful client work”, comments Kurio CEO Tommi Opas.

LONDON 20.4.2020 – – The world’s leading independent agency network thenetworkone has listed Kurio on its The World’s Leading Independent Agencies list. The annual listing done in collaboration with Campaign Magazine features nine agencies selected from more than 1.200 agencies around the world. “The members of our network are the best in class. Kurio is a great example, having recently been ranked the most creative agency in EMEA by Holmes Report”, comments Julian Boulding, the founder of thenetworkone.

“For a social media agency it is a great honor to listed among the best creative agencies in the world. We have established our presence in the market and constantly pushed ourselves to more global fields” says the CEO Tommi Opas.

“Measured by all indicators last year was our best. Kurio has grown into a medium-sized agency in Finland. A significant factor in this has been the strategically increased role of social media and our ability to combine world-class creative, effective use of channels and a constantly learning, numbers-based model”, Tommi Opas sums up. “Joining thenetworkone has brought us lot, made us even more international. Even though we’ve been approached by holding companies, being independent seems to work nicely for us.”

“No one is immune to the disruption we’re currently facing, but as a social media agency adaption is in our DNA. For years we’ve built our working methods with our clients, and now those methods are truly tested. In one week’s time we managed to update the contents and campaigns of all our clients to match the covid-19 world. No euro got wasted. And on top of that, we see that social media usage is record-high, and the ones investing in social media marketing are truly getting the bang for their buck. A world that’s changing ever more rapidly requires a on-going flexibility — something that is at the core of Kurio.”

The thenetworkone chain of independent agencies was established in 2003. It includes more than 1,200 offices in 109 different countries. The member companies of the chain represent a wide range of different areas of marketing communications, such as PR, media, digital, B2B and B2C. The World’s Leading Independent Agencies list is comprised of these agencies, based on their creativity and thought-leadership.

See the full article: Campaign Magazine (20.4.2020)

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