Kurio’s Creative Director to the Jury of the New York Festivals Advertising Awards

Jari Lähdevuori, Creative Director of Kurio, has been appointed to the jury of the New York Advertising Awards. He is a part of the Grand Jury, whose job is to select the shortlist of the world’s best advertising. The best of the finalists will be awarded this spring in the gala in New York.

Jari is one of the founders of Kurio and an internationally awarded designer. He is also responsible for joint research between Kurio and Cannes Lions, in which he has analyzed over 4,000 Cannes Lions winners over the years.

“The New York Festivals Advertising Awards is one of the industry’s leading global events. The doctrines of Cannes will certainly be useful when rolling up sleeves with this honorary task,” Jari states.

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