Client: Framery Acoustics


Framery is the Aston Martin of office pods. Over 40% of Forbes top 100 companies are using the pods to make their work better. As the Framery slogan goes: “Serious about happiness” – that of their customers. Their dedication to this can be seen in the various design awards they have won over the years, including a Good Design Award, a gold in NeoCon Awards and a silver in London Design Awards. // And in Q1/2021 they were getting ready for their most important launch ever. The product was a first of its kind: a connected, soundproof pod. // The goal was clear: on the launch day (10th of Feb 2021) everyone in the industry will know that Framery has launched a new product. Also the quantitative goals were ambitious. As the commitment from distributing partners was identified crucial, we set a target of 100 showroom pods sold in Q1. For the direct sales we set a goal of 464 pods for Q1-Q2.


But the task wasn’t easy. How to make everyone talk about your product, when your product is as uninteresting as office supplies & furniture? And to make it even harder: How to make them talk about an office pod, when the whole world is out-of-office, thanks to covid-19? // We knew a basic B2B marketing approach wouldn't cut it. Thus we went all in with B2C strategies.


For the launch of our new Framery One pod, we wanted everything to be as futureproof, as innovative, as captivating as our new pod. A product from Finland, known for its modesty, got the Apple treatment.


Just like a cool new phone, we built hype with an exclusive launch event. With keynotes, fireworks, the whole nine yards. We even did a super-exclusive pre-event for all our key distributing partners – since we knew getting our distributors onboard was vital to our success on a global scale. Just like a trendiest startup, we leveraged a 360 earned media strategy. Social media, SEO, PR to name a few were used to the max. But maybe the most impressive part of it all was (internal and external) brand advocacy – thanks to extensive internal marketing efforts our staff made sure all of their (LinkedIn) networks knew there’s a new pod in town, and thanks to pre-launch marketing our distribution partners joined in, too. Just like a designer brand, we hired a fashion photographer to make it Instagrammable. These assets were part of a package we sent out to all our channel partners. In addition, it included an immersive key benefits video and some proper tech porn from the factory.


COMMS RESULTS: 1) Impressions in digital channels 100MM; 2)Earned media reach 43MM; 3) 2X website traffic for months compared to average // BUSINESS RESULTS: 1) Leads: 130% increase in leads compared to monthly average (an all time record!); 2) Distributing partners: 2,8X showroom pods sold to compared to our goal; 3) Awareness: $ 1,7MM worth of earned media // And best of all, we exceeded our direct sales targets by 65%, hitting an all time record for summer sales. The launch created the best possible starting point for the product, as markets begin to open up again only the sky is the limit.
43MM earned impressions
130% increase in leads compared to average
We exceeded the sales targets by 65%

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