REPORT: Social Media Marketing Trends 2024

Trends predictions by 23 agencies from thenetworkone, the world’s leading independent agency network, were compiled into a 90+ pages report to help social media marketers globally.

Social media marketing is seeing massive changes in 2024, according to a new report. Generative AI is the driving force behind many of them. We’ll see the rise of user AI-generated content, the long-waited breakthrough of personalized communications, and the spreading of virtual influencers. These and other key trends are found in a new whitepaper by the world’s leading independent agency network thenetworkone and its member Kurio, an award-winning social media agency.

“We’re in the middle of the biggest shift in social media marketing since its birth,” says Jari Lähdevuori, the analyst-in-chief of the report and the Creative Director of Kurio. “Gen-AI will have a huge impact on social media managers, creators, and users alike. It has taken everyone by storm. A case in point: generative AI was mentioned only once in last year’s report, but now it dominates the key insights.”

The insights were gathered by interviewing 33 social media marketing experts from 23 award-winning independent agencies. The participants represent a broad range of countries, including China, the USA, India, Indonesia, Germany, Chile, the UK, UAE, Lithuania, and many more. Coming from not only different countries, but also different types of agencies, their answers offer a 360 view of social media marketing for the upcoming year.

See the report below (or download the hi-res pdf):

We would like to thank all the experts who gave their time and shared their insights (in an alphabetical order): Sylwia Rytel, Social Media Supervisor, 180heartbeats + JUNG v MATT (PL), Sharlene Jenner, Vice President – Director of Engagement Strategy, Abelson Taylor (USA), Alex Casanovas, Digital Director, Atrevia (ES), Dora Beilin, Senior Social Strategist, Barrett Hoffher (USA), Min Seo, Campaign Director, Brand New Agency (KR), Deshé M. Gully,  Associate Strategist, Day One Agency (USA), Francesca Trevisan, Strategist, Different (IT), Trevor Crossman, CX and Digital Transformation Director; Olivia Hussey, Strategic Planner; Simi Srinarula, Social Media Manager, The Hallway (AUS), James Hebbert, Managing Director, Hylink (CN / UK), Mundy Álvarez, Planning Director; Pedro Rojas, Social Media Manager; Pancho González, CCO, Inbrax (CH), Oana Oprea, Head of Digital Planning, Jam Session Agency (RO), Amy Bottrill, Social Account Director, Launch (UK), Gaby Arriaga, Founder, Leonardo1452 (MX), Shantesh S Row, Creative Director, Liwa (UAE), Rajesh Mehta, Chief Strategy Officer; Dhruv Gaur, Digital Planning Lead; Leonie Mergulhao, Account Supervisor – Social Media & PR, Medulla (IN), Aurelija Plioplytė, Head of Digital & Social, Not Perfect (LI), Daiana Khaidargaliyeva, Account Manager, Osaka Labs (UK / USA), Stefanie Söhnchen, Vice President Digital, PIABO Communications (DE), Elisabeth Winiartati, Managing Consultant, Head of Global Integrated Communications; Lydia Aprina, Account Manager, Integrated Marketing and Communications; Nita Prabowo, Account Manager, Integrated Marketing and Communications; Okhi, Web Developer, PNTR Group (ID), Kei Obusan, Insights Director; Daffi Ranandi, Insights Manager, Radarr (SG), Gautam Reghunath, Co-founder & CEO, Talented (IN), Donagh Humphreys, Head of Social and Digital Innovation, THINKHOUSE (IRE), Sarah Yim, Strategy Director, Zulu Alpha Kilo (CA).

Hope you all enjoy the report and find it as valuable as we did compiling it.


Jari Lähdevuori

Creative Director & Partner
Kurio // The Social Media Age(ncy)
jari [at]
+358 (0)50 530 6630

Julian Boulding
Julian.Boulding [at]
+44 (0)778 892 22 99


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