#SurfaceTheWomen designed by Kurio was awarded gold at the Digital Communication Awards

The #SurfaceTheWomen campaign designed by Kurio for Microsoft was awarded gold and silver at the Digital Communication Awards in Berlin. The campaign won for best Social Media Platform and came second in the Technologies & Consumer Electronics category at the awards. The Surface product launch campaign encouraged more women to engage in the IT industry by presenting successful women working in tech. 

With over 600 entries, the Digital Communication Awards are one of the most significant digital communications competitions in Europe. 

IT industry is far from inclusive and diverse, both of which are core values for Microsoft. For the International Womens Day, #SurfaceTheWomen was born. During the campaign, nearly 100 Microsoft’s employees encouraged their own networks to bring out women working in tech.

The campaign sparked a huge movement in the IT industry. The week-long campaign reached over 1.5 million Finns on social media, the hashtag was used more than 1000 times, and over 600 professional women in IT was brought forward as examples.

For further information, please contact: 
Tommi Opas, CEO
+358 40 183 3256
tommi [at] kurio.fi

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