Finnish representation in the Cannes Lions’ list of speakers – Kurio will run a workshop on AI

Kurio will run a workshop on utilization of artificial intelligence in creative marketing designing at the Cannes Lions 2019 Festival. A session open to all festival visitors teaches a new kind of creative design process that suits algorithms well.

The session is built on the basis of Kurio’s “World-Class Lessons on AI in Marketing” research. The analyses of over 2,000 Cannes Lions winning campaigns over the last three years show a steady rise in the role of AI. Last summer, one in ten winners utilized AI. The workshop will approach the topic in concrete terms through observations and case studies.

Kurio has published researches on Cannes Lions winners since 2012. The AI report has been conducted alongside the “World-Class Lessons on Social Media Marketing” report for three years now. Kurio has also trained young professionals in the industry on social media marketing in Cannes Lions School. In addition, Kurio has composed a social media trend report for Cannes Lions and designed a chatbot to help festival visitors.

“There’s no better cooperation than this. It is a great honor to further deepen our partnership through this session. There’s only a handful of workshops that fit the program schedule in Cannes – it’s really wonderful that we are there representing Finland,” comments the CEO of Kurio, PhD (AI), Tommi Opas. Cannes Lions is the most significant competition in the marketing industry and one of the world’s leading creativity festivals. 66th Cannes Lions will be held from 17 to 21 June 2019.

For further information, please contact:
Tommi Opas, CEO
+358 40 1833256 | tommi [at]

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