Kurio is the second best Finnish communications agency based on a fresh study

According to customers, Kurio is Finland’s second-best communications agency, says a recent study by Taloustutkimus. Kurio’s strengths include especially insightfulness, creativity and up-to-date skills, where Kurio is the number one in the industry. Kurio’s best areas of expertise were named social media and content marketing, both of which were associated to the agency more than any of their competitors. International expertise was also at the forefront of the industry.

In addition to images of agencies, respondents were asked to evaluate the use of agency services in the near future. Respondents evaluated the growth of content distribution online and content creation and management for social media as the most growing need.

“The results were happy news. We create communications in a way that is pretty different from the traditional one, and apparently it is highly valued,” says Tommi Opas, CEO of Kurio. “We are especially known for creative and successful content and social media marketing. According to the study, they are also the two most important areas of communications agency competence in the next two years, so I believe that we will further strengthen our position in this field. Communications has a tremendous potential to harness social media to create phenomena and results – as we have proudly been doing with our customers for many years,” states Opas.

667 respondents participated in the communications industry’s image study conducted by Taloustutkimus. Respondents evaluated Finnish communications agencies based on their own experience and images. The aim of the study is to find out, among other things, the conspicuousness of the communications agencies, the proficiency profile, agency image factors and the development prospects of the industry in the near future.

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Tommi Opas
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