WHITEPAPER: Creating Order from CAOS

How to measure community management? How to see its effectiveness over time? Compared to competitors?  SAMY Alliance’s newest whitepaper introduces a totally new way of quantifying the CM efforts.

Until now, there have been no specific metrics to distinguish an effective community management and advocacy strategy. The proprietary C.A.O.S  (Community, Advocacy & Outreach Score) methodology devised by SAMY Alliance, offers brands unparalleled insight into how best to deliver effective CM.

“The emphasis put on community management has varied over the years. Right now, there is a newly found interest in fostering that genuine communal feel, as can be seen from our Social Media Marketing Trends report. There are many reasons for this resurgence. One is the shared feeling of rising threats and challenges, which make us crave for a sense of belonging. Another is the hunger for all things genuine in an ever-more artificial and automated world. And from a brand-perspective, the increased spend on social channels in general means that there are more and more communities and discussions to leverage to the max”, comments Jari Lähdevuori, Executive Creative Director, Kurio.

“For brands, an effective community management strategy is key to standing out in saturated markets“, comments Joe Moring, the author of the report, and Head of Community & Partnerships at SHARE Creative, a SAMY Alliance Agency. “Our aim with this report is to help businesses of all shapes and sizes by giving them a holistic view of what is and isn’t working.”

This report will help you understand:

  • Why should you put effort on Community Management?
  • What Effective Community Management looks like?
  • How a CM strategy should be implemented for a brand?
  • How to measure the Effectiveness of a Community Management & Advocacy strategy?

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