World Championships Memes – ELISA

World Championships Memes – ELISA

Client: Elisa


To live as a long-term sponsor through Finnish Hockey team’s journey in the Ice Hockey World Championships.


Everyone wants their own part of the Ice Hockey fever. Only the best content can get attention.


“Wold Championships Memes” – The best content of World Championship games to home viewers in real time.


”A meme production studio” for the games. Meme pictures designed and produced in completely real time during the live game, adapting to the events of the game. Specially designed focus for each image in social media advertising, optimization on the fly.


The campaign broke Elisa's all-time social media records, reaching over 4.5 million people’s eyes, over 97,600 engagements, over 4,600 shares
4 634 143 people's eyes
4 602 shares

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