Social Media Agency Kurio is shortlisted in the Agency of the Year competition. The scores of the competition are awarded based on customer evaluation.

“We are participating in the competition for the first time, so this is a great surprise to be on the shortlist,” says Tommi Opas, the CEO of Kurio. “Although we greatly appreciate competitions in which judges reward individual client work, it is even more valuable to be chosen as one of the best agencies with the votes of customers. It is a big recognition and a direct indication that we are doing the right things for our customers and achieving results,” Opas sums up.

“When Kurio was founded, social media was clearly marginal in the agency space,” Opas continues. “Today, we are at the top with the best agencies in Finand. It communicates not only about the great success with our customers, but also about the big change in the field of marketing and communications and social media.”

“We believe that social media has forever changed the way of marketing and we are working hard every day to show it with big results and memorable campaigns. It would not be possible without our brave customers who share this vision,” Opas states.

For further information:

Tommi Opas
Kurio // The Social Media Agency
+358 40 1833256
tommi [at] kurio.fi

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