Kurio wins gold from Finnish Comms Awards

Finlandia by Forest Machines campaign, designed by Kurio for Neste and Ponsse, competed as a finalist in the 2018 Finnish Comms Awards, which rewards Finland’s best communications works. The campaign was a finalist in three different categories: Transport and Logistics, Earned Visibility, and Event, Launch or Snatch of the Year.

Finlandia by Forest Machines campaign, designed by Kurio, won gold from the Event, Launch or Snatch of the Year category. The jury praised the winning work, among other things, as a brilliant and excellent insight, which was one of the gems of last year. The winning campaign was described to be socially touching to many and a difficult phenomenon that is credibly linked to strong business brands. The campaign was also praised for its creative, beautiful and emotional idea, its top-quality execution with several operatives, and its explosive attention in the social media and media. “Excellent hand in hand revving from traditional operatives. Sophisticated snatch during the year of celebration, for a remarkable cause. Couldn’t watch it without eyes tearing up”, the jury summed up their arguments for the choice.

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