Client: Fazer Confectionary


Fazer is one of the most beloved brands in Finland, and their Tutti Frutti brand is their no. 1 candy bag. But Tutti Frutti was losing ground – especially in the younger segment. // Thus, a major brand renewal was done a few years ago. Based on Fazer's extensive market and consumer research, a new position was found in the market – one where no big players had gone. Tutti Frutti’s recipe was redesigned to match the changed consumer needs: colors and flavors were switched to 100% natural, and most of the candy bags went vegan. // The drivers of consumption in this new position are hedonism and balance: eating sweets is a conscious choice that reflects one's values. So we needed a brand strategy that is value based – but avoids being too serious, since we’re dealing with candies. That’s where the brand promise ”Do the natural” was born.


As every year, Tutti Frutti’s commercial success in 2022 lies within one big novelty launch. This year it was a garden-themed bag. For that we needed a a concept that stems from the brand promise and appeals to our young target group – the heavy users of candy market. // The main objective for the campaign was an increase in sales compared to the same period last year (when the previous big launch took place). // Sales target: +10% (YoY) // Other, indicative targets: 1) Rise in preference to the top of the market (in core target group); 2) Ad awareness over industry average.


When communicating about candy, you need to put a smile on people’s face. And when putting a smile on gardening, you can’t escape the garden gnomes. But. When you need to be all about “Do the natural”, there is one problem. Garden gnomes are one big All White Male Panel.


A D&I set of garden gnomes – made as look-a-likes of favourite influencers. // In the name of all things natural, we created an inclusive set of garden gnomes. We modelled them on a diverse group of influencers the target group loves – comedy girls, fitness heroines, hipster dudes, guys & gals of different ethnicities and sexual orientations. We surprised the influencers with their gnomified self along with a box of Tutti Frutti Garden Mix. And shared their unboxing reactions on social. // All this lead to a social-first 360 campaign. The gnomes starred in all our materials. Mainly on TV, VOD and social. // In the midst of the campaign, to our surprise, we got the attention of one of the big, BIG foodie creators on TikTok, Junpei Zaki. The Japan-born Australian shared a video of tasting Tutti Frutti candies, and asking “whoever makes these, can you send a 100 of them”. And we did – and we didn’t stop there. The postal box arrive to Australia just 3 weeks later, and in it – you guessed it – a look-a-like gnome, too.


BUSINESS RESULTS: Sales rose +45% (YoY during campaign period). // BRAND RESULTS: 1) Consideration rose +10% (in core target group); 2) Preference of the brand rose to the top position in the candy market; 3) Ad awareness +50% (in core target group) // ORGANIC RESULTS: 1) A viral hit with 2,5MM+ views (no paid media); 2) 220.000+ likes; 3) 10.000+ comments
Ad awareness +50%
Consideration +10%
Sales +45%

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